We are a Veteran & Family Resource hub (clearing house), providing a variety of services and connections to Veterans and their families.  We are all volunteers, 12 of us so far, who focus on helping Veterans and their families each and every day.

Our Vision: To help Veterans and their families find more peace in their life.

Our Mission: Meet the needs of the Veteran Community through outreach, listening, resource vetting and referrals, and advocacy.

Qualified Listeners is one of the most active Veteran Support Programs in Northern Colorado & SE Wyoming. We interact with 150 Veterans each month and are gaining credibility throughout the Veteran Community because of our work. We have ongoing programs relating to our mission of supporting Veterans and are always looking for ways to improve our programs.

We are one of only two Accredited Charities for Veteran organizations/ in northern Colorado and we are proud of this.  You can click on the BBB logo on the right to learn more.  We are also Gold Level member of GuideStar and you can learn more by clicking on the logo on the right.  In addition, we are Certified Veteran Ready the Psych Armor and click on the logo on the right to learn more.

We are not a crisis center so if you or someone close to you is in crisis please call the Veteran Crisis number of 1-800-273-8255.

Call us at 720-600-0860 if you have questions or wish to help Veterans.  We are based in Frederick, CO.

We’re called Qualified Listeners because we’re Veterans listening to Veterans, Veteran spouses listening to Veteran spouses, family members of Veterans listening to family members of Veterans.

Listen to this to learn why we do what we do…

The act of non-judgmental listening, combined with our team of resources, can bring you back to being happy again. It can strengthen relationships in marriage, family, workplace, and life in general. It can start the healing of moral wounds and help deal with PTSD.

Give us a chance to help, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  With Qualified Listeners you never have to be alone again and you will find there is always hope!  We provide Solutions – not just Services!

Samples of who we’ve helped…