Meeting The Needs of the Veteran and Family Community  Many of us have been on a journey, perhaps similar to yours.

MISSION: To help Veterans and families find more peace in their life…

One to One Listening

  • Male Veterans
  • Women Veterans
  • Spouses of Veterans
  • Children of Veterans
  • Parents of Veterans
  • Grandparents of Veterans

Resource Hub

  • Locate, evaluate and monitor non-conventional and conventional therapy options
  • Refer Veterans and family members to the resource that suits them the best
  • They can change at any time
  • Many services are Free to them

Outreach System to Connect with ALL interested Veterans

  • Educate them that many of us care deeply
  • They do not have to be alone anymore
  • We strongly support the PAMVET program started in Loveland, CO in 2008
  • We inform Veterans and family members of the many resources available to them

Veteran Discount Listing

  • Provide list of discount programs available to Veterans and their families
  • Updated monthly online
  • Updated Quarterly in printed Directory

Become the Veteran & Family Voice to Resource providers

  • Local government agencies
  • The Veterans Administration

Veteran Event Calendar

  • One place to locate all known Veteran and family activities or events
  • Updated Monthly online
  • Updated Quarterly in printed Directory 

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