Honor Flight Northern Colorado

Honor Flight Northern Colorado
P.O. Box 363
Ault, CO

Honor Flight Northern Colorado, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in early 2008 as part of the National Honor Flight Network. An all volunteer organization, our vision was to give the opportunity to every Northern Colorado World War II veteran to see their newly established memorial. Executing two flights per year with approximately 123 veterans and 60 guardians per flight we began flying in September of 2008.

Over the course of time we have extended our program to include WWII veterans from any location as long as they are able to get to our sendoff point, and they are not slated to go with any other Honor Flight Network hub. Our current program has evolved to include veterans from other conflicts in the following order of priority.
1) Terminally ill Veterans
2) Purple Heart recipients from any conflict (Documentation required)
3) Korean War Veterans
4) Vietnam War Veterans (DD214 required)
Note: Vietnam Veteran applications are now being accepted.

Our vision has always been about the veterans who have so unselfishly given their service to this great country! We, and our donors, want to show our appreciation to these heroes by providing this service free of charge to the vets. All funds for the flights are raised through tax deductible donations. Guardians make a tax deductible donation to cover their flight costs.

Honor Flight Northern Colorado wishes to thank all of our faithful supporters who have made this effort possible. Without them over 2500 veterans to date would not have been able to visit their memorials. All donations are respectfully handled and monitored with the oversight of the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County. To donate to Honor Flight Northern Colorado go to our Donate page.