Vet Chats

Vet Chats is a new program provided by Qualified Listeners to educate and inform all Veterans and their families.  Come to a Vet Chat and LEARN WHAT YOU’VE EARNED by serving our great nation.

Open to all Veterans, regardless of discharge status with a special emphasis on families. We will have several locations and here are the ones currently scheduled:
Fall of 2019
Frederick, CO

Prairie Greens Clubhouse
7781 Mountain View
6:00 pm to 7:030 pm
Sept. 3
Oct. 1
Nov. 5
Dec. 3

Some of the potential topics include the following: 1. The American Dream
a. Our history
b. Voting responsibility
c. Electoral College
2. Patriotism
3. Banking scams and warnings
4. Equine therapy
5. Fishing therapy
6. The concept of how to Struggle Well and live better
7. Can EMDR work as a component of therapy?
8. God – America was founded on
9. The American Family unit
10. Hiding from our society
11. Why wear a hat
12. American History of war
13. Weapons of choice for home protection
14. The college degree scam
15. The power of the media
16. Personal agendas override proper missions
17. Why no declared war since WWII
18. Being Abused as a child and PTS
19. Moral wounds
20. Being a child of a Veteran
21. Being the spouse of a Veteran
22. Being the parents of a Veteran
23. Israeli Veterans are elite in the society
24. Public ridicule of those who serve
25. Veteran organizations
26. The part the VA can play in a Veteran’s life
27. GI bill
28. Does everyone need a therapist?
a. The power of listening
29. Youth ignorance
a. Where freedom came from
b. How we keep it
30. Fear controls perception
31. Public ignorance of Veterans
32. The military culture and how it differs from civilians
33. The public culture
34. United States reverse evolution
35. Transportation
36. Veteran Advocacy
37. Veteran visitation program
38. Veteran Listening program
39. Proven, highly vetted Veteran & Family Resources
40. Physical health
41. Educating our youth
42. 15 Things Every Veteran Wants You to Know
43. Mortgage scams
44. Real Estate scams
45. Insurance – what is appropriate
46. Household budgeting
47. Reverse mortgages
48. Vet Centers and why