What We Do

Our Vision: To help Veterans and their families find more peace and hope in their life.

Our Mission: Meet the needs of the Veteran Community through outreach, listening, resource vetting and referrals, and being their collective voice.

Colorado has 395,007 Veterans 10.1% of the population (source is VeteransData.info)

Weld County has 17,050, Larimer County 21,821, Boulder County 15,116, Adams County 26,932 and Broomfield County 3,752. Five counties total 84,671
17.3% of Colorado Veterans have service-connected disabilities and 950 are homeless
70% of Veterans are not in the VA system, some because they do not qualify

Qualified Listeners is one of the most active Veteran Support Programs in Northern Colorado. We interact with 300 Veterans each month and are gaining credibility throughout the Veteran Community because of our work and as their voice. We have ongoing programs relating to our mission of supporting Veterans and are always looking for ways to improve our programs.


1) Outreach Program is two-fold: 1) seek out those who want help; and 2) educate others about the many validated resources available to them.

a. Educate them that many of us care deeply
b. They do not have to be alone anymore – our founder was alone for 39 years
c. We strongly support the PAMVET Breakfast Club program started in Loveland, CO in 2008
–  Over 850 Veterans have attended the Loveland breakfast club
–  Now also in Englewood and Thornton – learn more at www.Pamvet.org

2) Listening Program is confidential and non-judgmental. Combat Veterans listening to Combat Veterans to help prevent suicide is what Qualified Listeners was originally based on and it remains our #1 focus. However, we’ve learned that families of Veterans also need someone to talk to. We’re working hard to meet these needs.

a. Male Veterans
b. Female Veterans
c. Spouses of Veterans
d. Children of Veterans
e. Parents of Veterans
f. Grandparents of Veterans
g. We inform Veterans and family members of the many resources available to them

3) Resource Program is comprised of a team of conventional and non-conventional resources to address the individual needs of Veterans and their families, such as mental health, addiction management, transportation, VA benefits, and many more.

a. Locate, evaluate, approve and monitor resource providers
b. Refer Veterans and family members to the vetted resources
c. They can change providers at any time
d. Many services are free and others are discounted
e. We print and distribute a Veteran & Family Resource Directory quarterly to over 60 locations. The web version is updated as available

4) Collective Voice Program is simple. We ask the Veteran Community what they need and we become their collective voice to influence our validated resources. The objective is to improve the level of services provided to Veterans and their families.

a. Resource providers
b. Local government agencies
c. The Veterans Administration
d. Media
e. Veteran Organizations

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