What We Do

Our Vision: Help Veterans and their families find more peace in their life.

Our Mission: Meet the needs of the Veteran Community through listening, awareness, resource referrals, fellowship, and ongoing support.

Qualified Listeners is the most active Veteran outreach program in Northern Colorado.  We interact with 300 Veterans each month and are gaining credibility throughout the Veteran Community through our work and as their voice.  We have ongoing projects relating to our mission of supporting Veterans and are always looking for ways to improve our services.

Combat Veterans listening to Combat Veterans to help prevent suicide is what Qualified Listeners was originally based on and it remains our #1 focus.  During our first year we realized it was necessary to have access to viable resources where we can refer Veterans and family members once we understand more about their needs.

We have assembled a resource team of conventional and non-conventional therapies to address the individual needs of Veterans and their families, such as addiction management, benefits, counseling, mental health, transportation, and much more.

Each resource provider has been vetted to ensure they are who they say they are and do what they say they do.  They have proven results in enhancing the quality of life of Veterans and their families.  Veterans and families can choose the resource that best fits them and can change at any time.  Many of the services are free, others are discounted.

We have published the “Veteran & Family Resource Directory” listing our resource providers.  The directory is available in print as well as on this website, click here.

Another part of our outreach program is to seek out those who want help.  We let them know there are many who care and they don’t have to be alone anymore.  We ask them what they need and connect them to our resources, local government agencies, or the Veterans Administration.  Many don’t know what’s available to them or how to get help.  We are their voice.