Who We Serve

We serve all Veterans from any era, their spouses, and their family members.  And we do this with respect, honor, and dignity.

We began Listening Sessions in early summer 2017 at the rate of 8-12 per month and are increasing each month.  We’ve listened to Army, Navy, Air Force, Air Guard, and Marines. These sessions include Veterans and spouses, children, parents and grandparents of Veterans.

Sessions may run from one to four hours, depending on how long the person sharing wants to talk. One-third of the warriors are women and only 20% are Vietnam era Veterans. We have completed out-of-state sessions by telephone as well or we can do video chat if that is preferred.

We will not publish specific information about any individual on our website or in printed materials because we respect the privacy of people sharing with us. We will continue to honor your privacy!

There is no charge for our Listening Sessions because we cannot put a price on caring and support.